Cultural Heritage Management Services involve:

At our core we are all about providing advice and solutions to individuals and companies – we’re a service business not a manufacturer of heritage products. 

Archaeology -

The exploration, recording, management and interpretation of ancient sites and cultures  

Intangible Heritage & Anthropology -

the study and management of change affecting contemporary cultures and their languages, traditions, and histories. 

Built Heritage & Historic Buildings -  

The recording, conservation and management of structures and 'cultural spaces', both ancient and modern.

Cultural Heritage Policy and Programme Agreements -

The development and promotion of strategies, policies, and agreements for the preservation of both intangible and tangible heritage.


Our Philosophy

We believe that culture and human history should be central to development, influencing its direction and its ethics to create a better future. Knowledge of other cultures enhances the quality of our lives, fostering self-understanding and community values, and creating commonalities to manage differences.  The processes of development and globalisation will not, on their own create a better future or one with a sense of place and of community - these depend upon the responsible management of parts of the past in the present for the sake of a better future.   

The world’s expectations of development may conflict with the distinctly individual identities of many social groups, thereby challenging the continued existence of unique systems of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity. Developments may also physically threaten the preservation, authenticity, and integrity of archaeological and historical landscapes that are part of our cultural identities unless active management strategies are put in place. Development and ‘progress’ involves a struggle to create and to preserve histories, traditions, and identities — aspects that enrich the human experience and serve a seminal role in any wisely imagined future.

A fundamental part of our philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase 'beyond compliance' - we do not adopt a tick-box mentality and go beyond that approach to do more for our clients and for cultural heritage.

The last century of development suggests that real ‘progress’ requires our awareness of the processes that create culture, diversity, and uniqueness. That awareness of the richness of human experience—of the variety of systems of thought, knowledge, language, belief, and tradition—is central to responsible social and economic advancement, to reconciling old differences, and to reducing conflicts before they begin.